SBF Cookbook: 5 Ingredient Recipes

Sam Beagle
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The SBF 5 Ingredient Cookbook includes delicious, healthy recipes that help you eat and live as healthily and enjoyably as possible, for life.

These quick 5 ingredient recipes come myfitnesspal friendly and are full of flavour, whilst saving you a ton of time spent in the kitchen.

Take inspiration for main meals, breakfasts, desserts, and shakes to fuel your progress whilst working together - and of course, they also contain plant-based and vegan dishes too.

This 72-page cookbook will deliver real results and is incredibly fulfilling and flavourful, with tastes and recipes from around the world to perfectly balance results and my own nutrition principles.

Each recipe contains the full macronutrient breakdown alongside a myfitnesspal barcode.

My hope is that you put them to good use and let me know how they taste each and every time you use one of the recipes.

** The recipes and information in this book have been created for the ingredients and techniques indicated. The publisher/author is not responsible for any specific health or allergy needs that require supervision nor any adverse reactions you may have to the recipes in this book - whether you have followed them as written or have modified them to suit your dietary requirements. Any nutritional advice and information provided in this book is based on the author’s own experiences, research, and knowledge. The information provided is not to be used in place of proper medical advice.

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Access to 30 5 ingredient delicious main meals, breakfasts, desserts and smoothies to help you eat and live as healthily and enjoyably as possible, for life.


SBF Cookbook: 5 Ingredient Recipes

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